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Reserve an appointment.

To reserve an appointment for a free consultation or a casting session please drop me a text message or email.

MamaCasts are interpretive keepsakes and portraits created through collaboration between you and me. The more we chat the closer we come to realizing something lovely.

For a single child’s hand it is best to cast a newborn or child older than 5 as having the ability to remain still ( or sleeping) is vital to the process .¬† On the bright side– holding hands together enables kids of any age to be cast.

For Belly Mask Portraits please reserve an appointment ahead of time to be cast by 8th month. While I will ¬†prioritize mom and baby’s health, I recommend Anywhere between 26-32 weeks as an ideal time for both mother’s comfort during the sitting session, and beauty of body shape when portrait is actually displayed



Juliann Rubijono
text or call: 781-492-8392




Casting sessions can be performed in your home or at our studios.
MamaCasts studios are located in East Boston, with a lovely view of Boston Harbor.

80 Border Street, Studio 201
Boston, MA 02128

Get directions and learn more about the studio