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About & FAQ’s

A healing, intimate performance event & visual art – each piece personalized for you.

Our mission is simply to pay attention, and to preserve moments that are precious

Tender molding session

“Juli is a healer with a stunning ability to perceive the subtlety of what is underneath the surface. I always feel better from her gentle, potent work.” ~ D.Lord


MamaCasts offers you a creative, joyful experience and a work of sculpture that treasures the moment. .

You will engage in collaborative performance art: intimate and authentic joy being part of the creative process resulting in a sculpture to remember those special moments.



Moments of life captured for generations

Moments of life captured for generations



Impressions of your Love – Sculpture Portfolio

  1. HandCasts: Unique hand castings of your newborn, family, engagement or 50th wedding anniversary–all honoring bonding touch for a memento lasting generations.
  2. MamaCasts: Belly Masks and Casts for pregnant mothers and family–Tender to do and elegant art for your home.
  3. LoveCasts: Relief Sculpture Portraits of couples together– A romantic and deeply bonding experience.
  4. FunCasts: Make a mold of anything that delights– athlete or dancer’s foot, your favorite faces, experiments in sci-fi




 Who is this for?

You and your loved one(s)! MamaCasts is a fine art life casting – specializing in dynamic moments between people. It is for lovers together, pregnant mother gorgeousness, (grand)parents with newborn babies, multi-generational families uniting- or even as a healing event with loved ones experiencing life limiting conditions.  This is a memento of a fleeting time to treasure.


Where and when does this take place?

In my studio in East Boston, or In your Home for a travel fee. Make an appointment for a consultation and we can determine best time and place- intimate home setting, baby shower, wedding or anniversary party… sky’s the limit. Please book early in advance for an appointment.


How long does a mold making session take?

For HandCasting I suggest an hour long appointment; mold making time is only 5-15 minutes of sitting with Goop on your body.

For Belly Mask and LoveCast I recommend putting aside 3 hours of your time; mold making time is only 30-45 minutes of sitting. We will take time at the beginning of each appointment to get to know each other a bit, and for me to learn your dynamic. This will help shape the pieces.

I ask for longer appointment times to really give you attention .


How long does it take to deliver a finished piece?

You will receive your keepsake sculpture anywhere from 3 weeks ( hand casting) to 4 months (decoupaged belly mask), depending on the project.


Is the mold making material safe?

 In a word, yes.

For Belly Masks I use medical grade plaster strips. While plaster is known to heat up as it cures, these plaster strips do not generate much heat. I use warm water to create a comfortable experience and as the plaster hardens it simply stays at the same warm temp then cools off.

I also use Alginate for highly detailed molds for hands and LoveCasts. This has been proven safe for baby skin. It is made from non-toxic, compostable sea algae. It is dental grade and silica free.


What do I DO with my MamaCast sculpture?

Well, Its a piece of art! Enjoy it in your home.  HandCastings can be placed in a display cupboard or a special table, or if mounted, hung on the wall. BellyMasks and LoveCasts too can be mounted for wall hanging– they are bas reliefs, so basically 3D paintings for the wall.


How much does it cost?

I welcome your call to consult. We’ll discuss your budget and create a work you will treasure.


Do you sell Gift Certificates?

Yes! MamaCasts make great wedding, baby shower, anniversary, birthday, etc gifts. Gift certs can be made for any amount — often they cover the cost of deposit and receiver takes over the rest.




 Juliann Rubijono

Bio of Artist




The artist and son.

The artist and son.